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Five tips how to get a CEO  featured in a popular podcast

Podcasts have a wide audience and are heard by thousands of listeners, and securing a podcast interview is no easy task for PR professionals. Podcasters get numerous requests and pitches and if you want them to feature the CEO of your company, you must show them why. Before crafting a pitch to a podcaster, it helps to remember the following points.


  1. Position your CEO as a thought leader – The CEO is the public face of your company and you have to ensure that their public brand seamlessly merges with their personal brand, creating a consistent tone of voice and messaging that lends credibility. Capitalise on your CEO’s acumen, whether they are a creative genius, an idealist, or a tech innovator, and connect that with their persona, which helps in showcasing them as a thought leader and thus, a valuable person to have on a podcast.

  2. Be Proactive – When your CEO is interviewed on a podcast, ensure that they bring some sort of educational content to the table. A podcast is not an opportunity for advertising and should never be used to promote products or an organisation. However, when you ensure that your CEO brings value by educating the business community in certain key areas, in improving industry practices, it makes a compelling argument in their favour. Promotion should be unobtrusive or better yet, not present at all, and the focus should be on sharing useful information.

  3. Do your homework – A sure way to get a podcaster to ignore your pitch is to not do your homework in advance. If your CEO doesn’t fit in the podcast theme or agenda, they’re not going to invite them. However, if you have listened to their prior podcasts and are aware of the topics they have talked about, then you can write to them with a new angle that connects your CEO to their theme. Do mention any previous podcasts you may have listened to, as it adds to your credibility in having done your due research.

  4. Get audio training for your CEO – Your CEO must be comfortable sharing their thoughts no matter who the audience is. If their speech is stilted and not natural, then podcasters are going to be reluctant to have them over because it affects their entire show. However, if you engage in media training for your CEO, you can make sure that they are excellent at natural conversation. Then you can share clips of their interviews and other media experiences to showcase how their communication is spot on.

  5. All round visibility – One of the best ways for PR professionals to get their CEOs invited to podcasts is to ensure their widespread visibility, be it in media, paid content platforms or social media. Try and get by-lines on informative articles or op-eds written by your CEO, ensure their presence at industry events, offer sound-bytes wherever possible, keep your eye on breaking news stories and offer your CEO’s insights, supplement media coverage with blogs and vlogs on your own websites and channels and become an industry source, so that your CEO and thereby the organisation, remain visible.


A CEO’s visible confidence in media interviews, their presence on various platforms, their ability to add valuable insight to a topic makes them perfect podcast guests. As a PR professional, once you have all this covered, you can expect your CEO’s thoughts and perspectives to filter down to thousands of podcast listeners, no matter where they are.


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