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brainz - July 2022

«As A CEO Sometimes It's Lonely At the Top, Isn't It?»


CEOs lead a company with flair, decisive direction, and passion. Employees depend on a CEO’s vision and leadership, looking up to them in times of change. The CEO's position is the voice and the face of an organization and the person’s actions and behaviours reflect upon the entire organization.

Brigitte Kaps: «As A CEO Sometimes It's Lonely At the Top, Isn't It?»

Teaser 2020 03 - June 2022

«How CEOs Use Diplomacy» 

«Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.» That quote, attributed to the brilliant physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton is still relevant centuries later. It is something executives would do good to pay more attention to. To build and keep their contacts (or at least not destroy them), and keep their careers intact, the CEO of today must master the art of diplomatic communication.

Brigitte Kaps: «How CEOs Use Diplomacy»

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Brainz.  - February 2022

CEO Communication Trend 2022 – Ethical Communication – The Key To Your Success

Source: Brainz. 

The huge changes that swept across the last two years have affected every sector of the economy. As we head already into February of the new year I am sure, there will be a new normal. A normal in which digitalized remote workspaces for employees have resulted in decreased socialisation and higher anxiety amongst the company’s workforces.

CEO Communication Trend 2022 – Ethical Communication – The Key To Your Success

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THE FEMALE CEO  - January 2022


Source: The female CEO Magazine (UK)

Brigitte Kaps is the Founder and CEO of and With over 20 years of experience in international management positions with leading foreign banks (ABN Amro, GE, RBS) and a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Communications and a degree in communications and economics, Brigitte certainly stands out in any crowd. With offices in Verbier and Zurich, she is able to combine her love of the outdoors with the work she loves.


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THE FEMALE CEO  - July 2021

Women CEOs – It is time – you owned it

Source: The female CEO Magazine (UK)

Female STEM CEOs need to realise that shying away from the limelight can prove to be detrimental, not just to them but also to future generations of young women who need to see them as role models. There have been intensive efforts to enable women to join tech, but with statistics showing that only 34% of STEM graduates are women in EU countries, more successful women need to come to the fore and stop being publicity shy.

by Brigitte Kaps 

Women Ceos, It’s Time You Owned It! (

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Media Article of 20 August 2020 

Als «Social CEO» in die digitale Zukunft

Soziale Medien haben die Anspruchshaltung an die Kommunikation von Unternehmen und insbesondere deren Führungskräfte grundlegend verändert. Gerade bei Familienunternehmen und KMU sorgt dies für Unsicherheiten. Der Beitrag zeigt, warum «Social Media» anders funktionieren als klassische Kanäle und welche Konsequenzen das für Führungskräfte bringt.

Von Brigitte Kaps 

pdfKMU_Magazin_August_2020.pdf131.73 KB


07-08 September 2020

“The Social CEO – CEO Communication in times of digital transformation”

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25 May 2020

Speaker at International Symposium at Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland

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